COVID - 19 Updates

Pedagogy during Covid-19

'Coming together is a beginning, keeping together is progress and working together is success' - Henry Ford

In this hour of global crisis, following the rules of lockdown, maintaining social distance, washing our hands at regular intervals, wearing a mask and going by all advisories from Hon. Prime Minister, are the steps which will together help us to tide over the grave situation. Let us re- educate ourselves to thus unite and emerge victorious.

Amongst many things that the pandemic has made us realise and taught us is that the gift of life bestowed by almighty God should never be taken for granted. The healing powers, our happiness and peace all lie within us. School education during these times, accordingly, assumes a greater perspective and requires creativity on the part of the teacher to incorporate this philosophy along with effective usage of the only means of communication - the digital media.

Hence, armed with our commitment to face the challenge and prove to ourselves that learning continues irrespective of any lockdown we began with online classes not only to facilitate children with their academics but also to instil in them a sense of security and give emotional support.

Virtual Learning

  • The school building may be shut but learning never stops. In order to provide maximum benefit of school during such a situation, we have been conducting online learning programme since 25th March.
  • Our teachers are acquiring expertise in digital media and its effective utilization.
  • As we have always believed, we do not restrict the learning to just one aspect so the students perform to the best of their abilities in the field they want to. Besides academic, Co-scholastic activities and tasks are being given online from time to time to take care of the cathartic processes for their emotional needs.
  • KG sections are conducting hands-on activities with basic learning outcomes of identification, hygiene and soft skills.
  • Primary section began with one subject per day during the month of March, thereafter from April it progressed to two subjects per day from Monday to Friday as the children became familiar and comfortable with the digital learning process. Saturdays are reserved for remedial classes or co- scholastic activities. On line sessions for the two subjects are conducted with an interval of 20 minutes.
  • Alternatively all teachers are accessible beyond the scheduled time slots as well, for those who may miss out due to poor connectivity or any other genuine reason. Such children are facilitated with separate WhatsApp session or making the video of the session conducted, available to them.
  • Secondary and Senior Secondary classes have been taking up three subjects per day with an interval of twenty minutes in between each session. W.e.f. June, Saturdays will be reserved for remedial sessions/ doubt clarifications and /or for co-scholastic activities.
  • Knowledge about our pairing State - Tamil Nadu, vocabulary and communication skills in languages, tables in Maths , Yoga and Zumba steps are being covered as a routine through various academic and co-scholastic activities.
  • For optimum compatibility and co-operation with parents and the family back home of each child, regular feedback is solicited from them and changes made accordingly to suit one and all.
  • We have initiated Career webinars. We are also providing emotional support to the students through Guidance and Counselling.
  • In case of any difficulty arising out of online classes, kindly contact:-
    Mr Shiv Dogra/Ms Kanika @ 9086024455/7006553206 from Monday-Friday between 10 am to 4pm