Wednesday, October 23, 2019


Adventure adds spice to the mundane routine of everyday life. The Campus of Heritage School became abuzz with adventurous activities from 19th Oct to 23rd Oct, during a Five Day Adventure Camp organised by RAN TOURISTA. Students of classes KG to VI took part in Adrenalin pumping activities like Water Zorbing , Para jumping , Rock Climbing, Flying Fox, Rappelling, Monkey Bridge, Burma Bridge, Spider Web, etc. Classes KG to II had day camps. The Little Ones took off on an exciting day with their teachers and trained guides. They excitedly took part in all the activities, enjoying the delicious snacks and food in between .At the end of the day the tired faces exuded happiness of a day well spent.
Classes III to VI had overnight camps. Their excitement increased manifold on arrival when the campers came upon their accommodation for the night; the tents pitched in the ground. It was their first experience living close to nature and a first step towards being responsible for themselves. The overnight campers enjoyed Bonfire and dancing at night. They too enjoyed activities like ATV Rides, Rappelling, Flying Fox etc. The highlight of the camp was a mobile Planetarium which provided an experience of star gazing for the children. It was a great learning experience for the children, away from their electronic gadgets.
‘............and then I realised, adventure is the best way to learn’