Saturday, December 7, 2019


A one day trekking expedition camp was organized by the Scouts & Guides wing of Heritage School, Jammu at Mansar on 4th Dec. 2019. About 50 students from various classes enthusiastically participated in the camp which was supervised overall by Ms. Manjeet Kour, Incharge, Scouts and Guides. Ms. Kanchan and Mr. Kasturi Lal were the trainers from the headquarters Scouts and Guides.
The aim of the camp was to faster an appreciation for nature, increase physical fitness and build up the mental strength.
It was an enriching experience for the young trekkers from Heritage School as it provided them not only a break from the daily routine but also helped them to learn skills which help them to gain a sense of independence and self-reliance. The trekkers experienced the village life by interacting with rural people and had a firsthand knowledge of local flora and fauna. They also had the opportunity to visit the temples of various deities. The various activities organized in the camp included petrol system, knots, first aid, wood craft sign, code word signaling etc.
Master Aarush Gupta of class IX was adjudged the ‘Best Scout’ for his contribution and achievement. It was an experience the students are likely to remember forever.