Wednesday, July 18, 2018


As a part of celebrating Global Youth Service Day 2018, Heritage School Jammu organised various activities in the school at various levels to imbibe a sense of responsibility among children and promote universal brotherhood.
The activities performed in the school were
1. Give 10 hugs to people you want to appreciate and thank:
This activity was carried at school as well as personal levels. The kids of Classes 1 and 2 were asked to hug people, whom they wanted to thank, in the school as well as their homes.

2. Say Thankyou to people who are there for you:
The students of Class 11 were asked to thank people around them so that a sense of gratitude can be developed in them. Even the Teachers participated and thanked the people around for their help.

3. Pick up garbage and put it in dustbin
This activity was performed by Class 6 students. They were taken to the streets around the school and were asked to pickup the garbage to develop a sense of cleanliness outside their homes also.

4. Celebrate Diversity
For this, the children from various cultural backgrounds were taken from Class 7, their groups were made , were asked to make a collage to represent their culture and speak a few lines on the same.

5. Make a new friend
Class 3 students participated enthusiastically in this activity. They were asked to make a new friend and mention the qualities you liked in in him/her.

6. Read books to children
Class 8 children prepared short stories for the children of Kindergarten and read them along with various flash cards and props to make them interesting. The Kindergarten children thoroughly enjoyed the stories.

7. Teach your Talent
Students in Class 10 were asked to teach to others the best they have. This activity actually aroused interest of the kids who were learning and the children who were teaching learnt to share the best thing they have.

8. Adopt a Tree
To imbibe the responsibility of conserving nature, students of Class 9 were asked to adopt a plant in the school or at their homes.

9. Conserving Water
Water Conservation being the prime concern of all, the students of Class 4 were asked to teach others how and why to conserve water. For this they prepared posters and held a rally.

10. Make Thankyou card
The students of Class 5 prepared “Thankyou” cards for the ones whom they are grateful to and share them at school or at their homes.

There were certain activities which the children carried out at their homes:

1. Invite a friend to tea or coffee.

2. While traveling, give your seat to someone in need.

3. Have a neighbourhood pot-luck. Invite neighbours.

4. Take one child who is homeless from your community for a movie at theatre after taking permission from guardian.

5. Teach a senior how to use a computer or the Internet.

These activities left a remarkable impression on the children.
They learnt to share and care, to be socially responsible, to love their environment and, above all, universal brotherhood.