Wednesday, May 3, 2017

School NCD Awareness IAP-AAP Workshop Held At Heritage School, Jammu

An extremely interactive workshop on School Non Communicable Diseases Awareness Programme promoting healthy lifestyle at an early age was held at Heritage school, Jammu.

The same workshop is being conducted in 4 cities of the country simultaneously Delhi Hyderabad Pune & Jammu.It is the first to be held in this region was conducted by Dr Rekha Harish Prof & Head Dept of Pediatrics with her team under the Ind Academy Of Pediatrics & American Academy of Pediatrics Joint School NCD Advocacy Programme of which she is the National Project Coordinator.Dr AS Vasudev Consultant Apollo Hosp Delhi is the National Project Director and Dr Swati Bhave ex IAP President is the Project Advisor.

The prime focus of the workshop was to impact the widely prevalent and alarming Unhealthy Eating Behaviours & Physical Inactivity among adolescents as WHO has identified them as the major Preventable risk factors responsible for the upsurge of these life threatening, disabling group of Disorders called Non-communicable diseases.They are the adult onset diseases which are now being encountered in Childhood and adolescence due to Unhealthy behaviours adopted at a very young age.

The students were sensitised towards the 3 components of junk food ie. Excessive Salt, Sugar and Fats and how they adversely affect health. Awareness was generated regarding reading labelling of packages, identifying their own recommended dietary allowances and not falling prey to the Tall misleading Claims of so called Healthy Foods available in the market