Tuesday, November 13, 2018


Heritage School Jammu very proudly announces the departure of a team of young dancers on 13th Nov. 2018 to represent India in International Dance Festival at Turkey. They’ll be attending VI International Citrus Festival to be held from 15th to 20th Nov. 2018.
The team was selected to represent India through a competition held at Udbhav Utsav 2018 at Gwalior. Udbhav Sports and Cultural Association is a leading organisation raising and representing Indian Flag and Culture at various international stages.
Performers round the globe from known cultures of France, China, Greece, South Korea, Russia, Bulgaria, Slovakia, Ukraine, Egypt, Indonesia, Thailand, Malaysia, Srilanka, Nepal & Bangladesh add to the Integrity, Honour and Togetherness of the festival held at Gwalior.
The Heritage school team of talented dancers will be proudly bearing the Indian tricolor at this mega event and present 12 dances of various states of India, on the dignified stages of International Dance and Culture.