Wednesday, November 28, 2018


The two day inter-school debate competition Behes concluded at Heritage School on 28th Nov. 2018. The mammoth event which was held on 27th & 28th Nov. witnessed of over 350 students from various schools across Jammu region. Heritage School collaborated with Behes a national level organization to provide an opportunity for school students across the region to enhance the public speaking, critical thinking and negotiating skills.
Contestants were divided into two groups- The Lions (age group 14-18 yrs) and the Cubs (age groups 10-13 yrs). Contestants were given topics on the spot and they had to research and present views in stipulated period of time. The first day saw energetic and enthusiastic speakers battle it out through three rounds. Each Behes round was conducted in a simplified parliamentary format.
The second day started with knock out rounds of debate. The whole atmosphere was charged with energy and vigour of the contestants who were engaged in some heated and spirited arguments. The behes was judged by all the adjudicators from the participating schools.
In the Lions category, the Champion team and the Runners up team were from Heritage School Jammu. Amongst the Cubs Champion team was APS Kaluchak and the runner up team was from G D Goenka.
In the individual awards category, Vianca from APS Kaluchak was and declared as the best speakers amongst the Cubs. Anargaya from K C Public School won the Best Speakers Trophy among the Lions.
In total 32 teams from the Cubs and 32 teams from the Lions have qualified for the Nationals, which will be held at Presidium School, Gurugram, on 15th and 16th Dec. 2018.