Children are the assets of our nation, more valuable than any other. To sculpt, mould and shape them requires persistent and unswavering efforts.

Amidst the changes that are sweeping the school education today, besides developing this very valuable human resource, schools also have to play a multi-dimensional role of empowering the children with the right attitudes and values that ensure them a rightful place in the society. They must learn to live together and make significant contributions to enhance natural environment, respect multi-culturalism and diversity that strengthens democratic ideals which are of enormous significance in the global scenario.

The 21st century is all about the management of the knowledge and information we have generated, with the value addition that we bring to it. The learners equipped with these are empowered to become the agents of change in the society. Change that replenishes the eroding values and encompasses a legacy of concern and compassion for all segments of the society and the environment as well.

Thus we aim for our learners an unrelenting pursuit for excellence, a strong character and a focused mind that infuses an incessant spirit and desire to contribute with humility, pride and perseverance to all spheres of life

Hoping that our children besides carving a niche for themselves also prove to be beacon lights to those who are standing at the cross roads.

I wish you all a progressive and a promising session ahead.

Mr. Jagadish Singh Dhami