Secondary Wing Conduct Rules

  • 1. Students should be fully disciplined and engaged.
  • 2. Punctuality counts. Students must attend the school in time and reach at least 5 min. before the first bell rings. The school gate will be close at 07:15 a.m. sharp during summers and 08:15 a.m. during winters. All late arrivals will be sent back home if they arrive after the school gate has been closed. (After being warned twice by the school authorities).
  • 3. Students under no circumstances shall be allowed to leave the school premises except in a medical exigency or with the prior information given to school authorities two days before.
  • 4. Shouting, misbehaving, whistling and quarrelling is strictly prohibited in the campus.
  • 5. Bringing of mobile phones to school is strictly prohibited. Once confiscated the cell phone will not be returned.
  • 6. Bringing of cash more than Rs. 100 / or costly jewellery is not allowed.
  • 7. Students should use dustbins provided and not litter the premises.