The Vice-Principal Mr. Aji Varghese is a post graduate in English, Bachelor in Education, (B. Ed) and an MBA holder in Human Resource Management (HRM). He started his teaching career in Holy Cross School Dimapur Nagaland, where he worked as an English teacher as well as House Master. Thereafter he joined Don Bosco School, Bihar, where he worked as English teacher, House Master and Vice-Principal. From Don Bosco he moved to Sundaram Central School and Junior College Maharashtra, where he worked as a Principal from 2008 to 2015. He was also the Principal of Delhi Public School Amroha for two years. He has joined Heritage with his vast academic, administrative as well as public school experience. According to him, a new wave of knowledge era knocks at the 21st century. Quality education is the need of the hour; we have to gear up to the new situation so that children successfully compete globally. To prepare the children for a meaningful life, the most important for parents and teachers is to understand the child. Every child is unique and the process of education is designed to unfold and bring out this uniqueness and provide a student with an enabling environment which would facilitate a student to lead his/her life as a satisfying experience for himself/herself and useful to the society.

Education must strengthen the body, mind and the character. Sometimes the interpretation of education is reduced to achieving material end or serve a cosmetic purpose only. At best it is identified as information and knowledge of facts and concepts measured in examinations. To serve the cause of education and educate young and impressionable minds, the educator has to fire the desire to learn and ignite the spark within the mind of the student. Only then we can expect him/her to learn through observation, inquiry, exploration and experience. Every student has the propensity to internalize what he/she learns in varying degrees, to form attitudes to guide the course of his/her life and actions.

At Heritage we strive to give our students a broad based education until senior secondary level. As the Vice-Principal of this fine institution, it is of great satisfaction to prepare the students of Heritage School to walk out of its portals, symbolizing excellence and standing upright with sense of pride and dignity. The students of Heritage blend in to the multitude with the realization that education is for life and not merely for a living. Needless to add that education is not separated from our concern for humanity for it is the latter which has to govern the former. After all education imparted in the school is only a means to evolve the kind of society in which we wish to live. It is with this obvious conviction that we impart wholesome education in the school and prepare our students for future.

Aji Varghese